English Functional Skills

This course is about developing vital language and literacy skills. It is based around everyday topics and activities designed to help you improve your knowledge of reading and understanding, spelling, punctuation and grammar. You will become more confident in communicating with others in a range of everyday situations and develop transferable skills for home life and the work place. English Functional skills have been developed to help individuals in their everyday life and employers to develop a professional and successful workforce.

A level 1 award is equivalent to a GCSE Grade D-E and a Level 2 to a GCSE Grade A- C

Course content

The course has 3 modules

Speaking and Listening:

Make a range of contributions to discussions in a range of contexts, including those that are unfamiliar, and make effective presentations.


Write a range of texts, including extended written documents, communicating information, ideas and opinions effectively and persuasively.


Select, read, understand and compare texts and use them to gather information, ideas, arguments and opinions.

During your course you will progress through the following steps

An Initial assessment:

To assess which level of course would be suitable for you

A Diagnostic assessment:

To assess your strengths and areas that require developing this will allow us to develop your individual skills plan (ISP)

Individual Skills Plan:

This sets out a learning plan for you to follow and attaches relevant resources to match your individual needs.


The final stage to gain your qualification. This will be agreed with your tutor

The content will cover communication skills, spelling, punctuation and grammar; all resources, tasks and assessment material are based around work place and everyday situations

You will also be assigned a personal online tutor for you to contact at any time via email.

The course can be accessed from any computer with your personal login details and takes on average 90 – 100 days study (13 – 15 weeks) although with your personal skills plan we are flexible to your requirements.

Course entry requirements and enrolment dates

There are no specific requirements required; an initial assessment will be required to access the course. The course runs all year with no set start dates

Assessment of your course

Once you have completed your skills plan and feel confident in taking your assessment we will arrange a date suitable for you. Each module has a separate assessment.

Cost of course

Please contact us


For further details and enrolment please contact us or fill out the form.